Issue 09/2016

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  • Zwischen Qualitätskontrolle und Qualitätsförderung: 25 Jahre EQuiP (1991–2016)
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Letters to the Editor

Original Papers

  • What do Family Practitioners and Medical Assistants do Having a Cold?

    Background: Family practitioners (FP) recommend different medicinal and non-medicinal treatment measures to their patients for relieving the symptoms of a common cold....

    Nils Schneider, Olaf Krause, Ulrike Junius-Walker, Michael Hartung

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  • Who Stays? Young Physicians´ Choice of Specialization and Workplace

    Background: Compared to other European countries, Germany has a sufficient number of physicians. In contrast to this general fact, in some regions a shortage in family...

    Andreas Klement, Stephan Fuchs, Andreas Wienke

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  • Basic Medical Education and Vocational Training for Regional Health Care – Family Medicine at the University of Regensburg

    Background: Basic medical education and vocational training as family practitioners (FP) for primary health care, is highly relevant for all health care systems,...

    Carl Rauscher, Brigitte Ernst, Michael Braun, Georg Schwindl, Horst Hofmann, Daniela Kleisch, Bernd Salzberger

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  • Internship in Family Medicine: Which Experiences are Important for Students?

    Background: Internships in family medicine can attract an interest among students in later completing specialist training in the discipline. The aim of the present...

    Gisela Taeuber, Michael Paulitsch

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Book Reviews


  • Social Work and Family Practice: a Literature Review

    Background: The cooperation of family practitioners and other health care professions plays an increasingly important role in primary care. The aim is to explore and...

    Nils Schneider

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