Issue 09/2014

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Erst der Leib, dann der Körper: Skizzen einer praktischen, allgemein-medizinischen Phänomenologie
  • Der bisherige Misserfolg der Polypill in Indien und anderswo
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Special Article

  • Gut Feeling: First the Belly, then the Stomach: Phenomenological Thinking in Medical Practice

    Summary: To find appropriate decisions in medical practice, doctors´ thinking can be deductive, inductive, but also abductive. The first approach solves a problem by...

    Harald Kamps, Dirk Harms

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  • The Hitherto Failure of the Polypill in India and Elsewhere

    Summary: The Polypill concept, known for 10 years, has found no practical response despite great publication impact. This is also true for India, where authorization...

    Dieter Borgers

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Original Papers


  • Phimosis with Atheroma

    QuestionA mother presented her 7-year-old son, who has a narrowed but still just retractable penis foreskin and a flat sebaceus cyst at the base of the glans penis,...

    Simon Kostner

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