Issue 08/2009

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  • Rezept statt Gespräch: Läuft da etwas falsch in diesem Land?
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  • A Critical View on “Individual Health Services on Demand” (IGeL): Testosterone Serum Levels in Healthy Men as Procedures of Anti-Aging Medicine

    Background: A gradual decline in the occurrence of circulating hormones such as DHEA or testosterone from the age of 30 onwards is well documented and appears to be...

    Martin Beyer, Antje Erler, Kristina Saal, Marcial Velasco Garrido

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  • Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Only Drugs (DTCA) – Consumer Empowerment or Promoting Medicalisation?

    Abstract: There is an ongoing intense debate in the European Union to soften the advertising ban and to allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to inform patients directly...

    Jörg Schaaber, Hedwig Diekwisch

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Letters to the Editor



  • Discussions about Quality in Germany – a Mixture of Anxiety, Particular Interests and Different Perspectives

    Summary: Quality indicators are intensively being discussed in Germany, especially within the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM). In...

    Wilhelm Niebling, Martin Scherer, Joachim Szecsenyi

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Special Article

  • Über Risiken und Nebenwirkungen von pflanzlichem Hustensaft und homöopathischen Schleimlösern

    Prescription Instead of Conversation: There Might Be Something Wrong in This Country ...

    About Risks and Side Effects of Herbal Cough Remedies and Homeopathic ExpectorantsSummary: In Germany, family physicians quite frequently tend to prescribe "herbal"...

    Burkhard Sonntag

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Original Papers

  • Evaluation of Patient Information Leaflets for Cardiovascular Prevention

    Background: Written patient information supports informed decision making. Despite large amounts of patient information leaflets on cardiovascular prevention,...

    Günther Egidi

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Commentary / Opinion

  • Fact and Fancy: the Electronic Health Card

    Summary: After a short excursion into its history and the situation in other European countries the aim and the planned use of the electronic health card is challenged....

    Bernd Hontschik

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