Issue 07+08/2013

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  • The Future of Family Medicine in Germany – Potentials For a Reasonable Care
  • Pellworm – the Next St. Kilda?
  • Treatment of Patients with Hypertension in Consideration of their Global Cardiovascular Risk
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  • Severe Hyperuricemia

    QuestionA 83-year-old multimorbid patient is in stage 5 of kidney failure (eGFR 10 ml/min) due to diabetic nephropathy. But he, so far, refused dialysis. For several...

    Simon Kostner

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  • Renal Sympathetic Denervation

    QuestionTo a patient who has an insufficient blood pressure control despite a quadruple therapy (ACE inhibitor, thiazide diuretic, beta-blocker and calcium...

    Simon Kostner

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Special Article

  • Teil 2: Die Nachwuchsdebatte

    The Future of Family Medicine in Germany – Potentials For a Reasonable Care

    Part 2: The Debate About New BloodSummary: Problems of recruiting young doctors for a career in family medicine is a matter of lively public and political debate....

    Norbert Schmacke

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  • Pellworm – the Next St. Kilda?

    Abstract: The increasing shortage of family physicians has tightened consequences for rural areas. And beyond any doubt the ongoing decline of villages will be...

    Uwe Kurzke

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  • Vocational Training for Family Practice in Germany – Evaluation by an International Commission

    Summary: The German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM) convened an international commission to assess current vocational training for Family...

    Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, Christian Haffner

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