Issue 07+08/2012

In this issue you find the following Subjects:

  • Merging Rural Family Practices into the SCHAAZ – Effects on Work Satisfaction and Risk of Burnout
  • The Challenge of a Complex Wound – an Overview of Dressings
  • Chirotherapy – Conflicts Between Internal and External Evidence
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Original Papers


Commentary / Opinion

  • Ergebnisse der Arbeitstagung „Geschlechterspezifische Perspektiven und Umsetzungsstrategien in der fachärztlichen Weiterbildung“ (Hamburg 17.–18.2.2012) – Kurzfassung

    Memorandum on the Improvement of the Professional Development of Female Physicians in Germany

    Results of the Workshop „Gender-Specific Perspectives and Implementation Strategies in Vocational Training“ (Hamburg, February 17–18, 2012) – Short Version ...

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  • To Set or Not to Set – that is the Question

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Special Article

  • Chirotherapy – Conflicts Between Internal and External Evidence

    Summary: Despite conflicting evidence, chiropractic methods are widely used in family medicine. In this article an e-mail discussion from the family medicine list...


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Case Report

  • A „Natural Scullcap“ or the Value of Watchful Waiting

    Summary: We present a case of a strange skin alteration („natural scullcap“) in an elderly patient after a traumatic occipital hematoma. The observation over eight...

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Letters to the Editor