Issue 07+08/2010

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Original Papers

  • Impact of Drug Discount Contracts on Drug Therapy in Primary Care

    Background: Since April 2007 health insurance companies in Germany can negotiate individual drug discount contracts with pharmaceutical companies. Independent from the...

    Markus Gulich, Dagmar Gröber-Grätz

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  • Systematische Übersicht und Metaanalyse von Therapiestudien aus 4 Jahrzehnten.

    What Can be Expected by Treatment of Women with Gestational Diabetes?

    Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Treatment Trials from 4 DecadesBackground: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is defined as carbohydrate intolerance with...

    Andrea Siebenhofer-Kroitzsch, Karl Horvath, Klaus Koch

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  • National Guideline for Asthma Care – What is Important for the Family Doctor?

    Summary: We present a short summary on the new and important aspects of the 2nd edition of the “National Guideline for Asthma Care” and focus on recommendations...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Cornelia-Christine Schürer-Maly

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  • Screening for Gestational Diabetes (GDM) – Why are Studies Showing Positive Treatment Effects not Sufficient to Implement a Screening Programme?

    Background: Fully developed diabetes mellitus has a negative influence on pregnancy outcomes in mother and child. Gestational diabetes (GDM), in most cases an impaired...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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