Issue 07/2009

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Commentary / Opinion

  • Ein Kommentar zum Artikel von Hendrik van den Bussche et al. in diesem Heft

    Fascination by Organizational Aspects – A Hazard for Those Being Cared for

    A Comment on the Article by H. van den Bussche et al. ...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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Original Papers

  • Need and Choice of Non-Smoker Seminars in North Rhine-Westphalia

    Background: Smoking and smokers are increasingly marginalised in public. In recent years the numbers of smokers have substantially decreased. Many of those who are...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Elisabeth Gummersbach, Cornelia-Christine Schürer-Maly

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  • Organizational Concepts of Primary Medical Care in Nursing Homes in Germany and Its Neighbour Countries

    Background: In Germany, some 680.000 people live in nursing homes. Primary care for people in nursing homes is delivered almost exclusivly by family physicians. In...

    Sandie-Christine Schröfel, Norbert Lübke, Hendrik van den Bussche, Christoph Löschmann

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  • Qualitative Research in German Family Medicine Reflected in Studies Published in the „German Journal of Family Medicine”

    Background: In German family medicine research, qualitative research appears to be quite a new field. A methodological discourse about qualitative research is just...

    Uwe Flick, Wolfram J. Herrmann

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  • Evaluation of the “Caritas Marienambulanz” – Walk-In Primary Health Care Centre in Graz/Austria: 10 Years of Primary Health Care for Marginalised Groups

    Background: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Austrian constitution guarantee equal access to health care to all citizens, independently of age, gender,...

    Christine Anderwald, Martin Sprenger

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  • Is Participation in Regular Screening Programmes in Germany Really too Low?

    Background: There is a constant complaint in Germany’s public health debate that participation in regular screenings on cardiovascular risk factors and cancer is not...

    Waldemar Streich

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