Issue 6/2020

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Exit Strategy: How the United Kingdom Would Like to Emerge from the Corona Crisis
  • We Want to Improve the Medical Education – Postgraduate Training
  • National Health Portal
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Table of contents (6/2020 - selection)

  • Pivmecillinam Treatment of Uncomplicated Lower Urinary Tract Infections in Adult Women

    QuestionCurrent guidelines recommend Fosfomycin, Nitrofurantoin, Nitroxolin, Pivmecillinam or Trimethoprim for the antibiotic treatment of uncomplicated lower urinary...

    Martin Cichocki, Andreas Sönnichsen

  • Physician Assistant – an Answer to the Shortage of Family Physicians in Germany?

    BackgroundFor Germany, the Physician Assistant (PA) is a new profession in the field of medicine, which is supposed to compensate the shortage of physicians by taking...

    Sannam Iqbal-Ochs, Uwe Popert

  • Lockdown Exit Strategy: How the United Kingdom Would Like to Emerge from the Corona Crisis

    SummarySince the United Kingdom has been severly hit by the corona virus pandemic, a renowned epidemiologist, together with 26 colleagues has made a proposal how to...

    Michael M. Kochen, Hannes Blankenfeld, Josef Pömsl, Hanna Kaduszkiewicz

  • Requirements for a National Health Portal from the Perspective of Family Physicians – Results of a Focus Group

    BackgroundThe German Ministry of Health is currently planning to set up a national health portal which is intended to act as a well-known, reputable and reliable source...

    Michael Jansky, Philipp Stachwitz, Julian Wangler

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  • Grade of Qualitative Research

    Nadine Janis Pohontsch

  • How Satisfied are Family Physicians in the Countryside?

    BackgroundThe shortage of family physicians (FPs) is painfully noticeable in many regions, especially in rural areas, and will probably increase considerably in the...

    Peter Schulte, Sophia Magdalena Ritter, Nils Schneider, Stephanie Stiel

  • A Patient Data-Based Automated Recommender System to Support Individualized Care of Multimorbid Patients in Family Medicine (Project ATMoSPHÄRE)

    BackgroundThe patient- and need-based care of multimorbid patients with external services or medical aids presents family physicians (FPs) with complex challenges....

    Peggy Borchers, Mandy Böhme, Karen Voigt, Steve Piller, Antje Bergmann