Issue 06/2017

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Der Tatsache ins Auge sehen: Wir Ärzte tun zu viel*
  • Strukturierte Arzneimitteltherapie für multimorbide Senioren (SAmS) – ein Pilotprojekt
  • Problemlösetraining in der Primärversorgung – eine evidenzbasierte Methode für den Versorgungsalltag
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Table of contents (06/2017 - selection)


  • „An App a day keeps the doctor away?”

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Special Article

  • Let‘s Face the Problem: We Doctors Do Too Much

    Summary: A growing frustration of clinical medicine is that we are now so busy managing the proliferation of risk factors, incidentalomas, and the worried well that we...

    Paul Glasziou

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  • Problem-Solving Treatment in Primary Care – an Evidence-Based Method for Everyday Healthcare

    Summary: Problem-solving training is an economical and evidence-based intervention for the treatment of mental disorders, which is adapted from problem-solving therapy...

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DEGAM Benefits

  • No Prophylactice Antibiotic Treatment of Children With Respiratory Infections

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  • Valsalva Manoeuvres … With Elevated Legs

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Original Papers

  • Ergebnisse einer Nutzerbefragung

    How Do Healthcare Websites Affect the Physician-Patient Relationship?

    Results of a User SurveyBackground: Today, many patients use healthcare websites. Such sites do not only offer health tips, information on disease symptoms and...

    Julian Wangler, Michael Jansky

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  • Ergebnisse einer Umfrage

    Clerkship in Family Medicine: Family Practitioners’ Perception of Learning Contents

    Results of a SurveyBackground: The clerkship in primary care is supposed to arouse medical students´ interest and to motivate them to work as a family practitioner...

    Nils Schneider, Birgitt Wiese, Christina Termühlen, Jutta Bleidorn, Michael Hartung

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  • Electroconvulsive Treatment in Therapy-Resistant or Acute Life-Threatening Psychiatric Disease

    Background: Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has given proof for decades of being a life-saving alternative for patients with severe mental diseases who do not respond...

    Michael Grözinger

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Original Paper



  • Update of the National Disease Management Guideline for Low Back Pain

    Summary: The interdisciplinary National guideline for management of low back pain has been updated with participation of the German College of General Practitioners and...

    Jean-François Chenot, Annette Becker

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