Issue 06/2016

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Raucherentwöhnung – Patientenrecht auf Kostenübernahme durch die Kassen bei Tabakabhängigkeit
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Letters to the Editor



  • Medication after Myocardial Infarction – Life-Long? A Cryptic Answer

    QuestionFor how long should a patient with a myocardial infarction seven years ago should take the substances ASS, statins, ACE inhibitors, beta blocker as...

    Anna Vögele

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  • Nontoxic Goiter – What Should be Done?

    QuestionWhat should be done when identifying a non-toxic, non-nodulary goitre?AnswerControl of sufficient iodine intake. Sonographic control of size and new nodul...

    Elizabeth Bandeira-Echtler

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Original Papers

  • Ergebnisse einer schriftlichen Befragung von Hausärzten

    Prioritizing Multiple Drug Prescriptions

    A Survey of Family PractitionersBackground: Criteria used by family practitioners in the process of drug prescribing were already determined in a preceding study...

    Markus Herrmann, Bernt-Peter Robra, Yvonne Marx

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  • Ergebnisse einer systematischen Übersichtsarbeit

    Randomized Trials Performed by German University Departments of Family Medicine

    Background: We performed a systematic review to provide an overview of the objectives, methods, quality and results of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) performed by...

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  • Diagnostics and Therapy of Sore Throat Patients Presenting in Primary Care: an Observational Study

    Background: In Germany there is currently no up-to-date data available concerning family practitioners’ prescription rates of antibiotics for patients with sore throat....

    Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, Hannelore Wächtler, Hanna Kaduszkiewicz, Sonja Maaß, Jürgen Hedderich, Julia Hansmann-Wiest, Oskar Kuhnert, Karolina Malottki

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Commentary / Opinion

  • Kommentar zu Maaß S et al.: Diagnostik und Therapie bei Halsschmerzpatienten in der Hausarztpraxis: eine Beobachtungsstudie

    Which Treatment Goal: Streptococcal Infection or Sore Throat?

    Commentary to Maaß et al.: Diagnostics and Therapy of Sore Throat Patients Presenting in Primary Care: an Observational Study ...

    Jean-François Chenot

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Special Article

  • Smoking Cessation Therapy – Patient’s Right to be Paid by Health Insurance Companies in Case of Tabacco Addiction

    Summary: Tobacco addiction is a disease which should be covered by health insurance companies. In spite of discussions for years politics and health insurance companies...

    Ulf Ratje, Klaus-Dieter Kolenda

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DEGAM Benefits

  • How (Un)Safe Are the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro?

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