Issue 06/2015

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Original Papers

  • Use of Complementary Therapies and Placebos by German Physicians Working in Private Practice

    Background: This study aimed to investigate whether family practitioners (FPs), internists and orthopedists working in private practice in Germany believe in the...

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  • Ein internationaler Vergleich

    How Satisfied are Familiy Practitioners and What is Their View on Their Health Care System?

    An International ComparisonBackground: Since 1999 the US-American Commonwealth Fund conducts international surveys with doctors working in primary care every three...

    Stephanie Stock, Dagmar Hertle

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  • The Fulda Rural Project – Encouraging Young Doctors to Work in Rural Areas

    Background: In Germany, a shortage of family doctors is looming on the horizon, especially in rural areas. To encourage young doctors to work in remote areas, the Fulda...

    Benita Mangold, Ferdinand Michael Gerlach, Michael Paulitsch

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  • Are Saxonian Family Practices on the Way to Team Practices?

    Background: The delegation of primary care tasks to medical assistants is currently discussed in Germany as one possible solution to ensure family medicine practices....

    Karen Voigt, Karola Mergenthal, Jeannine Schübel, Grit Hübsch, Mandy Gottschall, Antje Bergmann

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DEGAM Benefits

  • Hip Fracture: Which Role for Patient Factors and Surgeon’s Qualification?

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  • „To Bleed to Death or Die“

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  • Surgery Address: Fuel Station Döbling

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  • Primary Prevention of Ischemic Stroke: the Rebirth of Folic Acid

    The China Stroke Primary Prevention Trial was a randomized, double-blind clinical trial conducted from May 19, 2008, to August 24, 2013, in 32 communities in Jiangsu...

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  • MSD Put Pressure on Italian Health Civil Servant

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  • Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation: Which Role for 24-Hour Holter Monitoring?

    The authors of the first referred study randomly assigned 572 patients 55 years of age or older, without known atrial fibrillation, who had had a cryptogenic ischemic...

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  • When is an Operated Patient With Fresh Sutures Allowed to Swim?

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Book Reviews



  • Sensible Approach to the Issue of Vitamin D in Daily Medical Practice

    Background: There is an ongoing broad discussion by physicians as well as patients about the possible effects of vitamin D and its area of application. Nevertheless,...

    Markus Bleckwenn

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Letters to the Editor