Issue 06/2013

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Die Zukunft der Allgemeinmedizin in Deutschland – Potenziale für eine angemessene Versorgung
  • Die neue Bremer Gesundheitsuntersuchung – Entwicklung und Konzept eines altersadaptierten Modells
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Commentary / Opinion

  • How Much (Family) Medicine Do Nursing Home Residents Need?

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DEGAM Benefits

  • Adherence/Compliance of Patients on Oral Anticoagulants

    A Canadian study found that persistence with warfarin therapy among older patients with AF is lower than generally appreciated and that male sex, younger age, and lower...

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  • Ethinylestradiol/Cyproterone Acetate Drugs Withdrawn from the French Market – And Now?

    The electronic newsletter of the German drug bulletin “arzneitelegramm” reports about dangerous thromboembolic side-effects of contraceptive pills combining...

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  • Beagles Chasing Dangerous Bowel Germs

    A trained beagle was able to detect C difficile in stool samples of infected hospital patients with 100 % sensitivity and specificity (95 % confidence interval 91 % to...

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  • Predicted Probability of Childhood Obesity for Babies

    To estimate the risk of later obesity in newborns (as a first step towards focused early prevention against the global obesity epidemic) this paper analyzed the...

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  • Sanitary Tampons for Epistaxis?

    A family physician describes in a letter to the editor his positive experience with sanitary tampons as effectice treatment for epistaxis. ...

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  • Chest X-ray: Incidental Findings in Adult Patients With Acute Cough

    In a cross-sectional study in 16 European primary care networks 3.105 patients with acute cough were undergoing chest radiography as part of a research study workup....

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  • Which Drugs for Renal Colic?

    A randomised double-blind study was performed to compare the efficacy of intravenous paracetamol (1 g) and 0.1 mg/kg morphine in 133 patients presenting to the...

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  • Tetrazepam: Fatal Skin Damage

    The French Pharmacovigilance Board reports about fatal cases of skin damages in patients taking the muscle relaxant tetrazepam. ...

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Original Papers

Special Article

  • Teil 1: Die Frage nach dem Bedarf an Ärztinnen und Ärzten

    The Future of Family Medicine in Germany – Potentials For a Reasonable Care

    Part 1: How Many Doctors Are RequiredSummary: Public debate about doctors´ shortage is regulatively displayed in the guideline for medical demand planning. This...

    Norbert Schmacke

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  • The New Bremen Preventive Medical Check-Up – Development and Concept of an Age Adjusted Health Examination

    Background: In Germany all persons with public health insurance over the age of 35 are offered biennial health checkups. Evidence for the usefulness of this examination...

    Guido Schmiemann, Günther Egidi, Jürgen Biesewig-Siebenmorgen

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Basic Medical Education

  • Undergraduate Palliative Care Education at the Medical Faculties in Germany – a Status Quo Analysis

    Background: Palliative care has become more apparent to the public as an important part of medical care in the past years. Accordingly it has been established as an...

    Peter Maisel

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