Issue 06/2011

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DEGAM Benefits

Commentary / Opinion



  • Eine Zusammenfassung für die Hausarztpraxis

    The National Disease Management Guideline for Low Back Pain

    A Summary for Family Medicine Summary: The evidence-based guideline for managing low back pain in primary care of the German College of Family Practitioners and...

    Jean-François Chenot, Annette Becker

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  • Dupuytren’s Contracture – Diagnosis, Indications for Surgery and Surgical Treatment

    Summary: Dupuytren’s contracture is a progressive disease of the palmar and digital fibrous tissue continuum. At the beginning the disease is apparent by superficial...

    Clemens Dumont, Mohammad Tezval, Miriam Birth, Jan Ammon, Klaus Michael Stürmer

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  • Training for Health Care Assistants for Deliver Outreach Visits in Primary Care

    Summary: Health care assistants may unburden physicians of clinical activities after a special training (outreach visits). We searched for specific skills trainings for...

    Jochen Gensichen, Katja Brenk-Franz, Ingrid Gerlach

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Continuing Education