Issue 06/2009

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Book Reviews

Letters to the Editor


Original Papers

  • The future of Primary Care

    Abstract: Globalisation has changed the division of labour in all economies. This does also apply to health care. Services are standardized to increase efficiency, to...

    Norbert Donner-Banzhoff

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  • Care for patients with psychological illness: uneven chances

    Background: The need for out of hospital care is continuously increasing, and with it its costs. There are doubts that the structure of care to-day will be the right...

    Heiner Melchinger

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  • Medical care in nursing homes in Germany – A critical review of actual studies

    Abstract: In Germany, over 700.000 people live in nursing homes. This population shows a high degree of somatic and psychiatric multimorbidity. The objective of this...

    Stefan Dietsche, Sandie-Christine Schröfel, Norbert Lübke, Martina Schäufele, Siegfried Weyerer, Hendrik van den Bussche

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  • Dr. Google – an appreciated colleague? The role of the Internet in doctor-patient-communication

    Background: A growing number of patients access the Internet to inform themselves about medical issues. Against the background of Shared-Decision-Making (SDM) this...

    Susanne Kettler, Rainer Bromme, Marc Stadtler

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  • DEGAM: New federal office in Frankfurt/Main

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Commentary / Opinion

  • Indicators of quality in family medicine – a provocation paper

    Summary: After showing which kind of indicators of quality, differentiated by their structure, are existing. Those being useful for and those threatening the quality of...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Günther Egidi

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