Issue 05/2017

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Hausärztliche Kurzberatung anhand der S3-Leitlinienempfehlung „Screening, Diagnostik und Behandlung des schädlichen und abhängigen Tabakkonsums“
  • Modellstudiengang Medizin – Chance für die allgemeinmedizinische Lehre
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Table of contents (05/2017 - selection)

Original Papers

  • “She Takes a Seat at the Table, Allows Time, Makes Inquiries” – Palliative Care in Family Medicine from Caregivers’ Points of View

    Background: Caregivers of palliative care patients at home need support also from family practitioners (FPs) and medical assistants. In the pilot project “Improvement...

    Frank Peters-Klimm

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  • How Family Practitioners Judge Physician Rating Websites – Assessments, Experiences, Effects

    Background: Family practitioners (FPs) are particularly frequently assessed on physician rating websites. However, there are hardly any reliable insights into the...

    Julian Wangler, Michael Jansky

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  • „Multitasking“ and Complex Patient Encounters in Family Medicine

    Background: Family practitioners (FPs) provide many aspects of care for their patients. Researchers have looked at the major reasons for encounter (RFE) (i.e. symptoms,...

    Uwe Popert, Verena Tobert

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  • Brittle Nails – What Can Be Done?

    QuestionA woman, 68 years of age, with atrial flbrillation, minor heart failure and hypertension also has brittle nails since a few months – with nails breaking at...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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  • Imaging Diagnostics in Dementia

    QuestionWhich imaging techniques are regularly indicated for patients with suspicion of dementia?AnswerImaging techniques are mainly used to provide a proof of...

    Barbara Plagg

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  • Risk of Colonoscopic Screening

    QuestionA patient, 60 years of age, asks about the risk of a colonoscopy screening.AnswerSerious side effects such as death, bowel perforation or major bleeding...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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Commentary / Opinion

Letters to the Editor

Special Article

  • The New Revised Medical Curriculum – Opportunities for Family Medicine Teaching

    Background: In Germany, highly specialized medicine in university hospitals contributes predominantly to the curricula in medical schools. This doesn´t reflect the...

    Gudrun Bayer, Christoph Heintze

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  • Brief Advice in Primary Care According to the S3-Clinical Practice Guideline “Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of Harmful and Addictive Tobacco Use”

    Summary: Smoking tobacco and tobacco-associated diseases are among the largest avoidable mortality risks. Nevertheless, the prevalence of smoking in Germany remains...

    Olaf Reddemann, Verena Leve, Sabrina Kastaun, Melanie Böckmann, Daniel Kotz

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