Issue 05/2015

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Darf ein guter Allgemeinmediziner an Komplementärmedizin glauben oder Placebos anwenden?
  • Über das Herunterwirtschaften des Vertrauens in Ärzte
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Table of contents (05/2015 - selection)



  • Basisinformationen für das Patientengespräch

    Prevalence of Co-Morbidities and Benefit of Glucose Lowering in Diabetes Mellitus Typ 2

    Basic Informations for the Dialogue with the PatientBackground: Clear and understandable information about the risk of diabetic complications and the benefit of...

    Günther Egidi, Heinz Harald Abholz, Ulf Zitterbart

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  • Prevention in Living Environments – the Setting Approach

    Summary: In Germany, a law concerning prevention that is scheduled to take effect in 2016 will qualitatively and quantitatively enhance the existing emphasis on living...

    Rolf Rosenbrock

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Special Article

  • May a Good Family Practitioner Believe in Complementary Medicine or Use Placebos?

    Summary: Among academics in family medicine there is debate whether it is legitimate to use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) interventions or placebos. This...

    Klaus Linde

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  • About Bringing Trust in Doctors to the Edge of Ruin

    Summary: Trust is a fundamental condition for the work of physicians. Also defending professional autonomy against market forces in health care and control of doctors...

    Waldemar Streich

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Letters to the Editor

Commentary / Opinion

Original Papers

  • Dermatology in Primary Care: Coordination, Prevention, Therapy and Educational Needs

    Background: Skin diseases are a common reason for consulting family practitioners (FPs). Little is known about the cooperation between FPs and dermatologists. Besides...

    Erika Baum, Stefan Bösner, Maximilian Esch

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  • Primary Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures with Calcium and Vitamin D

    QuestionCan a supplementation with Vitamin D and Calcium prevent osteoporotic fractures?AnswerDaily supplementation with 1000–1200 mg Calcium and 800–1000 UI...


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  • Should Thrombosed, Painful Hemorrhoids be Treated Conservatively or by Surgery?

    QuestionShould hemorrhoids causing relevant pain be treated by conservative or by surgery?AnswerThere is a real paucity of empirical data. But depending on the...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Bozen, Werner Dubis und

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