Issue 05/2012

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Probleme des Teams in der deutschen ambulanten Versorgung
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DEGAM Benefits


  • Bericht über eine Erfolgsgeschichte

    Start of a “Collaborative Vocational Training” for Family Medicine in Bremen

    History of a SuccessSummary: On February 15 2012 the Secretary for Health of the State of Bremen publicly announced the start of a “collaborative vocational training”...

    Guido Schmiemann, Günther Egidi, Jürgen Biesewig-Siebenmorgen

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Letters to the Editor

Special Article

  • Problems Around the Team in German Extramural Care

    Introduction: The team, (persons, usually from different professions), working in cooperation with equal rights and having a common goal, increasingly is seen as the...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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