Issue 04/2015

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Warum ist die Allgemeinmedizin notwendig und was benötigt sie?
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Table of contents (04/2015 - selection)

Commentary / Opinion


DEGAM Benefits

  • „Routine Investigations“ Before Cataract Surgery: I Beg You Pardon – Which Routine?

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  • Acute Myocardial Infarction: Better Survival in Sweden or in the United Kingdom?

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  • COPD Exacerbation: Five Days of Oral Steroids Suffice!

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  • Handshake-free Zone

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Special Article

  • Why General Practice is Necessary and What is Needed for it?

    Summary: There is a necessity of family medicine within the health care system in spite and because of the simultaneous necessity of specialisation in medicine. This is...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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Case Report

  • It Does Not Always Have to be Malaria: Rickettsial Infection in Travelers – an Underestimated Disease

    Background: Fever, arthralgia and severe malaise in travelers returning from tropical countries are main symptoms of different infections such as malaria and dengue...

    Regina Mertens

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Original Papers

  • Ergebnisse eines Workshops mit angehenden Hausärzten

    Which Arguments Encourage for Practicing in Rural Areas?

    Results of a Workshop with Family Practitioner TraineesBackground: In Germany, lack of family practitioners threatens health care. Previous surveys on the question of...

    Martin Tauscher, Marco Roos, Moritz Maenner, Dagmar Schneider, Susann Schaffer

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  • Access to the Health Care System in Patients with Chronic Skin Disease

    Background: Skin diseases are a common reason for consulting family practitioners (FPs). The aim of this paper was to investigate the pathways of people with chronic...

    Erika Baum, Stefan Bösner, Marie Rübsam

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  • History of Wound Care with Honey

    Summary: In this historical survey it is shown that honey is used in wound care from antiquity until today. Honey was often applied in combination with vege-table,...

    Angela Sänger, Andreas Fretz, Eduard David

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