Issue 04/2014

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Continuing Education

  • Anger Within the Doctor Patient Relationship

    Summary: Anger can become a crucial matter on either side within the relationship between a doctor and a patient as frequently experienced from Continuing Medical...

    Iris Veit

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Letters to the Editor

Commentary / Opinion


Original Papers


  • What Should We Do in Case of a Possible Carotid Stenosis?

    QuestionA 53 years old female patient asks her FP whether her carotis should be controlled because of familial risk factors (her brother as well as a nephew have a...

    Simon Kostner

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  • Hypothyreosis and Pernicious Anemia

    QuestionFor a patient suffering from autoimmune hypothyreosis the family practitioner is suggested to make regular controls of a full blood count because of the...

    Simon Kostner

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