Issue 04/2013

In this issue you find the following Subjects:

  • The Lost Art of Surgery
  • How Do Patients With Non Curable, Life-Limiting Conditions Experience Home Care?
  • Health-Related Quality of Life as a Criterion for Priority Setting in Peripheral Arterial Disease
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DEGAM Benefits

  • Why the Benefits of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians are Often Based on English Original Papers – a Trip to the History of Science

    Some explanations as to why the benefits of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM) are frequently based on English original papers –...

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  • Where you Should Search for Scientific Literature

    Some hints to medical databases found in the internet – free of charge. PubMed Health – („Clinical effectiveness research finds...

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  • Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – a Sow is Run Through the Roost, Again

    An organized lobby group of European gastroenteologists managed to sell their story about an alleged cancer risk in patients with fatty liver disease to the German...

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  • Screening for Diabetes Type 2 – Futile!

    In a study with a large UK sample, screening for type 2 diabetes in patients at increased risk was not associated with a reduction in all-cause, cardiovascular, or...

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  • Prof. Ian McWinney, the „Father“ of Canadian Family Medicine, Died in September 2012

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  • Centenarians in Hospital

    This study reports data on admission rates, all-cause mortality, and disease-specific mortality in centenarians. Results show a hospitalization rate of over 50...

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  • Dysmenorrhea: Is Heat Application Better Than Pain Killers?

    The clinical bottom line of this short cut review was that heat application might be an alternative to NSAIDs. ...

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  • New Anticoagulants – a Reply of Germany‘s Medicines Commission to a Press Release from the Societies of Neurology and Stroke

    An „interesting“ correspondance between Germany´s Medicines Commission´ statement on new oral anticoagulants and the German Societies for Neurology and Cerebral...

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  • „Statins for All Over 50“?

    A meta-analysis looked for the benefit of primary cardiovascular prevention and included individual participant data from 22 trials of statin versus control and five...

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  • American College of Physicians: Oversupply of Questionable Screening and Unnecessary Diagnostic Tests for the General Population

    Unsustainable rising health care costs in the United States have made reducing costs while maintaining high-quality health care a national priority. The overuse of some...

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Special Article

  • The Lost Art of Surgery

    Summary: Four short chapters describe a social process of deformation, which has converted medical care into a commodity. It serves to increase the rate of return and...

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  • Thoughts of a Medical Greenhorn

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  • Aufbau eines Netzes von akademischen hausärztlichen Forschungspraxen – ein Werkstattbericht

    “In the Practice and for the Practice!”

    A Workshop Report of the Development of an Academic Practice-Based Research Net Background: Successful and clinically relevant research in family medicine requires...

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