Issue 04/2010

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  • Die medizinische Theorie passt auf zwei Bierdeckel
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Letters to the Editor


Book Reviews




Original Papers

Health Care

  • 2. Das Modell der PrimärversorgungspraxisEine Darstellung anhand der Vorschläge des Sachverständigenrats Gesundheit 2009

    A Concept for the Future of Family Practice in Germany –

    Part 2: A Future Model for Primary Care PracticesBased on Suggestions of the Advisory Council on the Assessment of Developments in the Health Care SystemAbstract: Due...

    Ferdinand Michael Gerlach, Martin Beyer, Antje Erler

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Special Article

  • Skizzen einer hausärztlichen Semiotik

    Medical Theory Condensed to Fit on Two Beer Mats

    Semiotics in Family MedicineAbstract: Medicine and family medicine alike, seems to be more in a crisis of theory than in a financial crisis. This paper aims to...

    Harald Kamps, Dirk Harms

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Case Report

  • Suicide of an Adolescent Drug-Dependent Person

    Summary: Described is the suicide of an adolescent drug-dependent person. Short after his first consultation in a family practice to get included in a drug substitution...

    Manfred Lohnstein

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