Issue 03/2015

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  • Eine ungeplant außergewöhnliche Famulatur: Aufbau einer Ebola-Isolationsstation in Sierra Leone
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Special Article


Original Papers

  • “Wracking Their Own Brains“ – a Qualitative Analysis of Parental Scepticism About Vaccination

    Background: The study focuses on parents objecting to common recommendations for childhood vaccination and therefore declining some or all vaccinations for their...

    Kathrin Krüger, Jens Oliver Krüger

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  • Ergebnisse eines Schulprojekts in Neustadt

    Shortage of Family Practitioner in Rural Areas is Present

    Results of a Project in High School in NeustadtBackground: Shortage of family practitioners and demographic change of society are an increasing threat of health care...

    Marco Roos, Linda Hartleb, Sophie H. Langbein

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  • Skin Cancer Screening Recommendation in the Skin Cancer Prevention Guideline – Critique of the DEGAM Part 1

    Summary: After being the first country introducing systematic skin cancer screening in 2008, Germany has now a guideline on skin cancer prevention. The aim of this...

    Günther Egidi, Jean-François Chenot

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  • Skin Cancer Screening Recommendation in the Skin Cancer Prevention Guideline – Critic of the DEGAM Part 2

    Summary: Germany is the only country in the world which introduced systematic skin cancer screening in 2008.Now it has also a new guideline on skin cancer prevention....

    Günther Egidi, Jean-François Chenot

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Book Reviews


  • Nausea and Emesis in Cancer Patients

    Summary: Until mid of the 90ties, sickness, nausea and vomiting were highly feared by patients undergoing chemotherapy. New supportive agents and their standardized,...

    Georgia Schilling

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  • Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Treatment of Influenza: What is Evidence-based?

    QuestionRecently a new meta-analysis about the efficacy and adverse effects of Oseltamivir has been published in the Lancet which showed a significant reduction in...

    Andreas Sönnichsen

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  • Dietary Recommendations for Acute Gastroenteritis

    QuestionIs there any evidence for the benefit of a diet in the treatment of an acute gastroenteritis?AnswerThere is no evidence from high-quality studies. Doctors...

    Andreas Sönnichsen

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Letters to the Editor