Issue 03/2013

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • How to Assess the Practical Training Courses in Family Practice?
  • Combining Clinical Training and Research in Family Medicine
  • Patient-Centered Health Care Management – A Concept Developed in a Teaching practice
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  • Gastroprotection with PPI in NSAID Therapy

    QuestionDoctors prescribe ever more proton pump inhibitors (PPI) for gastric protection when nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or inhibitors of platelet...

    Simon Kostner

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  • What to do in Case of an Initial Failure of Helicobacter Pylori Eradication?

    QuestionAre there any recommendations for the management of HP (helicobacter pylori) positive patients after initial treatment failure?AnswerThere are a number of...

    Christoph Gögele

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  • Risk of Malignancy in Hashimoto Thyroiditis

    QuestionIs the clinical follow up by the family doctor of patients with Hashimoto thyroiditis sufficient, or should the patients be monitored with regular specialist...

    Simon Kostner

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DEGAM Benefits

  • Screening for Glaucoma by Ophtalmologists: Patients Still Must Pay for Unproven Procedures

    Germany‘s National Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare counters statements by ophtalmologist who still pretend that glaucoma screening is an...

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  • Acute Kidney Injury: Increasing Risk Also in Elective Surgery

    The use of acute dialysis after cardiac and vascular surgery has increased substantially since 1995. Studies focusing on interventions to better prevent and treat...

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  • Listen Up: „Most Recent Projections“ of the European Society of Neurology as to Frequency and Cost of Neuropsychiatric Diseases in Europe

    The European Society of Neurology calculates that 81 million Europeans (i.e. 16 % of the whole population) suffer from neuropsychiatric diseases. This projection could...

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  • Family Doctors Pressured for Performing Non-evidenced Based Examinations

    A story from a community ortho- pedic surgeon who suggested FPs to subject patients to unproven assays before referral ...

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  • Ever Known of Usher Syndrome?

    Usher Syndrome is an inherited disease with deafness and blindness, known since its first description in 1914. The German Usher support group has arranged receiving a...

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Original Papers

Basic Medical Education

Commentary / Opinion

  • Warum es Hospizen nicht gestattet sein sollte, betriebswirtschaftlich zu arbeiten

    Iles of Humanity

    Why Hospices Should Not Be Permitted to Operate EconomicallySummary: Cost control and economic efficiency are gaining importance in the field of healthcare...

    Thomas Joist

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Case Report

  • A Foreign Body in the Bile Duct – an Uncommon Cause of Abdominal Pain

    Background: The frequency of abdominal pain in family medicine is regularly reported in the scientific literature. Numerous and different causes are mentioned. Here we...

    Christoph Bideau, Peter Obermann, Rolf Neuser

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  • 41-year-Old Man with Penis Pain

    Background: Patients with penile pain can be a challenge for family practitioners.Case Report: After consulting his family doctor a 41-year old patient was referred...

    Sibylla Krane

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