Issue 12/2012

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Evaluation of the SCHAAZ – A Qualitative Analysis Based on Organization Theory
  • The Teaching of General Practice in Germany – Well Prepared for the Changes to the ÄAppO?
  • Emergency Home Visits by Family Doctors During the Day and During the Night – A Comparative Analysis in a Rural Family Practice
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Table of contents (12/2012 - selection)


DEGAM Benefits

  • New Drug Market Law in Germany: Mistakable Communication of First Negotiated Price for Ticagrelor

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  • Suggested Cancer Risk – New Restrictions in Use of Calcitonin

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  • People with Mental Disabilities: What Doctors should Consider

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  • Hand Hygiene Still Not Sufficiently Observed

    The British Cleanyourhands campaign was associated with sustained increases in hospital procurement of alcohol rub and soap, which the results suggest has an important...

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  • Moderate Physical Training: 90 Minutes per Week Result in 3 More Years of Life Expectancy

    A prospective cohort study in Taiwan with 416.175 individuals participating, found that 90 min a week of moderate-intensity exercise might be of benefit, even for...

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  • Predictable End of Private Health Insurance in Germany?

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  • PSA-Screening – the Discussion Goes on

    Analyses after 2 additional years of follow-up consolidated the previous finding of the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer that PSA-based...

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  • What to Do With Tamiflu?

    December 31, 2012 is the date of expiry of oseltamivir stocks hold by German health authorities. Producer Roche offers redemption at no charge … in exchange for buying...

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  • „... weil wir im ganzen Strafrecht keinen Paragrafen gefunden haben, der es verbietet“

    The German Supreme Court Rules Bribery of Community Physicians Not Liable to Prosecution

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