Issue 12/2010

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Is Family Practice in a State of Change?
  • Hands-on Training in Family Medicine
  • How Could a Train the Trainer Program Look Like?
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  • Young Family Doctors from Five Continents Met in WONCA Preconference in Cancún, Mexico

    Marcus Schmidt

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Special Article

Original Papers

  • Ein Vergleich zweier Befragungen von Medizinstudenten über den Berufswunsch Allgemeinmedizin

    Is Family Practice in a State of Change?

    A Comparison of Two Surveys About the Career Choice “Family Practice”Background: Germany faces a shortage of family physicians. Various methods have been tried to...

    Veronika Rufer, Justus Welke, Ulrich Schwantes, Kyra Beuermann

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  • Kontrollierte Daten zu Selbsteinschätzungen von Studierenden bezüglich der Lerninhalte nach § 28 der Ärztlichen Approbationsordnung

    Family Practice as Part of the Junior Internship (“Praktisches Jahr”)

    Controlled Data on Students'Self-Assessment of Features Outlined in § 28 of the Medical Licensure ActBackground: Since the revision of the medical licensure act...

    Gernot Lorenz, Dirk Moßhammer, Rainer Muche, Andrea Kronenthaler, Katharina Koczik

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  • Übersicht, Auswertung und Rückschlüsse an der LMU München

    Hands-on Training in Family Medicine

    Overview, Analysis and Conclusions at the LMU Medical School MunichBackground: Since the implementation of the new Licensure Regulations on Medical Education in...

    Günter Oberprieler, Ulf Schelling, Niklas Boeder, Jörg Schelling

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  • Comparison of the German and the Norwegian Primary Care System from Practitioners’ View

    Abstract: Several aspects of the German healthcare system like short doctor patient contacts are critically discussed. Comparison of the strengths and limitations of...

    Harald Kamps, Antonius Schneider, Marlies Karsch-Völk

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Basic Medical Education

  • Residency Training in Family Medicine in the USA: Well Structured and Consequently Strong

    Summary: Residency training in family medicine in the USA is significantly more structured than its equivalent in Germany. Within 3 years residents participate in up to...

    Bernd Laudenberg

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Letters to the Editor