Issue 11/2020

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • How Useful is the Examination of Complete Blood Count in Healthy Adults?
  • Measurement of Glucose: Serum versus Plasma
  • Quality Management in Outpatient Teaching Practices
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Table of contents (11/2020 - selection)

  • How Useful is the Examination of Complete Blood Count and Immune Parameters in Healthy Adults?

    QuestionWithin the framework of the individual non-covered health service (IGeL), the so-called „Manager Check“ offers an examination of the complete blood count and...

    Karin Petschk, Thomas Semlitsch, Andrea Siebenhofer

  • Days of Family Medicine – Track Record and (Still) Unfulfilled Promises

    BackgroundSince 2004 there are days of family medicine (TdA) in Germany. In 2008 the DEGAM section for continuing medical education defined corresponding criteria....

    Günther Egidi, Hans-Otto Wagner, Sandra Blumenthal

  • Measurement of Glucose: Serum versus Plasma

    BackgroundThe renaming of “glucose” in “fasting plasma glucose” in the respective guideline of the Joint Federal Committee has resulted in organizational and logistical...

    Manfred Eissler

  • Interesting, but also relevant?

    Günther Egidi

  • Quality Management in Outpatient Teaching Practices – What´s the Role of Faculty Development?

    BackgroundStrengthening family medicine in medical education and training in community teaching practices is often demanded. In addition to recruitment of teaching...

    Sabine Gehrke-Beck, Gudrun Bayer, Christoph Heintze, Ulrike Sonntag

  • What Quality of Teaching Do We Want/Can We Provide?

    Klaus Böhme, Irmgard Streitlein-Böhme

  • Where do People Die in the Region of Hanover?

    BackgroundMost people want to die in their familiar home environment. To achieve this objective, new structures have been stablished and further developed in Germany in...

    Franziska A. Herbst, Stephanie Stiel, Birgitt Wiese, Anja Rothmund, Mustafa Yilmaz, Nils Schneider

  • How Do Family Physicians Perceive their Gut Feeling?

    SummaryFamily physicians (FPs) care for patients with both benign and serious diseases sometimes presented with the same vague symptoms. In these situations, FPs...

    Johannes Hauswaldt, Erik C. F. Stolper

  • Primary Health Care in Austria – Quo Vadis?

    Summary The realignment and strengthening of primary care has been a central health policy challenge in Austria for years, especially since a significant need for...

    Arleta Franczukowska, Eva Krczal, Alexander Braun

  • The Disease is not the Illness

    Uwe Kurzke

  • Programmierte Diagnostik in der Allgemeinmedizin

    Martin Konitzer