Issue 11/2014

In this issue you find the following Subjects:

  • The Next Generation of Family Physicians: What Do They Think?
  • Dedicated but Poorly paid! Study on Health Care Assistants’ Views on their Profession
  • Quality Assurance in Oncology – Certified Networks for Patients
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  • Shall all Adults be Screened for HIV?

    Question Recently the United States Preventive Services Task Force changed their HIV-screening recommendation from selective screening of subjects at risk to a general...

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  • Influenza Vaccination for All?

    Question The influenza season lies ahead of us. To which patients should I recommend influenza vaccination? Answer The influenza vaccination is of limited effect in...

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Original Papers

Case Report

  • 36-Year-Old Man with Chest Pain

    Summary: Background: With 1,5 % of all symptomatic patient contacts chest pain is a frequent reason for encounter in family medicine Case report: A 36-year-old man...

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Book Reviews

Special Article

  • Quality Assurance in Oncology – Certified Networks for Patients

    Summary: Oncological care needs transsectoral, interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration of all disciplines. Thus, a network is built that represents the...

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Letters to the Editor