Issue 11/2011

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DEGAM Benefits


Continuing Education


Original Papers

  • 5 Years Academy for Family Practitioners‘ Continuous Medical Education in Bremen – Retrospect and Perspectives

    Background: Continuous Medical Education (CME) has an increasing impact on the growing role of German family practitioners in outpatient care. To advocate the own...

    Guido Schmiemann, Günther Egidi, Jürgen Biesewig-Siebenmorgen

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  • Utilization of the Family Practitioners by Turkish and German Patients – a Qualitative Study

    Introduction: In Germany about 16 million people have a migration background. With around 2,5 million persons (16%), people with a Turkish background constitute the...

    Stefanie Joos, Iris Natanzon, Jessica Bungartz, Sema Uslu

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  • Family Practitioners’ Management of Older Patients with New-onset Dizziness

    Background: Dizziness is one of the frequent complaints of older patients in primary care. In view of the diversity of possible aetiologies it was the aim of our study...

    Eva Hummers-Pradier, Carsten Kruschinski, Julia Sczepanek

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  • Diagnostics and Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration

    Summary: Age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of visual loss and blindness in Germany. Main risk factors are advanced age, smoking, and family...

    Nicolas Feltgen, Hans Hoerauf

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  • Pregnancy and Cat – What Should Be Considered?

    Summary: Cats are very popular in Germany and frequently kept as a pet. If a pregnant woman has contacted a cat doctors should bear in mind toxoplasmosis, cat scratch...

    Michael Bolz, Peter U. Wolf, Sabine Körber, Volker Briese

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