Issue 11/2010

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Commentary / Opinion

  • Kommentar zu Mühlhauser, Meyer, Steckelberg: Patienten wollen mitentscheiden, doch Informationsbasis und Strukturen fehlen

    The Demand for Informed and Participating Patients Misconceives the Complexity of Human Decision Making

    Janka Koschack

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  • Patients Demand Informed Participation in Medical Decision Making, but the Information Data Base and Structures are not Available

    Summary: There is no lack of health information material for patients and the public. However, the quality of the material is poor and it cannot be used for informed or...

    Anke Steckelberg, Gabriele Meyer, Ingrid Mühlhauser

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  • Diagnosis of Dementia in Primary Care: Chances to Remove Barriers

    Summary: Timely diagnoses of dementia in the primary care setting seems to present major problems. Main obstacles are physicians’ concerns about inadequate training,...

    Eva Mann

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