Issue 11/2009

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Black Patients and White Family Doctors
  • Therapeutic Adherence of Intravenous Drug-Users in Chronic Ulcer Care
  • Possible Cancer Risks from Lantus: a False Alarm?
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Original Papers

  • Ein Vergleich der Ergebnisse von Fokusgruppendiskussionen mit Patientinnen und Hausärztinnen

    Black Patients and White Family Doctors

    A Comparison of the Results of Focus Groups with Patients and Family DoctorsBackground: In spite of some research on immigrants in German Health Care, there exists...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Heli Gerlach

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  • Erfahrungen mit Wundmanagement in einem niedrigschwelligen Setting

    Therapeutic Adherence of Intravenous Drug-Users in Chronic Ulcer Care

    Wound Management Experiences in a Low-Barrier SettingSummary: Chronic venous skin lesions are a frequent medical problem of long-term users of illegal drugs and for...

    Jens Holst

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  • Possible Cancer Risks from Lantus: a False Alarm?

    Insulin analogues are patent-protected pharmaceuticals – in contrast to natural insulin. Their biologic effects – as far as they have been studied – are comparable, but...

    Ernst Chantelau

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  • Implementation of Evidence Based Medicine in Practice – Is an Enquiry Service Made Use of?

    Background: The implementation of evidence-based medicine into daily practice in primary care is a challenge. Therefore the Institute of General Practice of Paracelsus...

    Fabian Frank, Christine Dörfler, Michaela Grafinger, Andreas Rinnerberger, Bernhard Hansbauer

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  • What are the Teaching Topics which Can Be Taught Effectively in the Elective “General Practice” as Part of the Praktisches Jahr? Perspective of the Teaching Physicians

    Background: General practice as an elective in the final year of the German medical school curriculum (= Praktisches Jahr) has been introduced in Tübingen in 2006. The...

    Gernot Lorenz, Dirk Moßhammer

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  • Post-Mortem Examination and Death Certificate – Practical Instructions and Common Mistakes

    Abstract: In Germany post-mortem examinations have to be carried out by every physician. The physician also has to fill out the death certificate. To do this, no...

    Peter Gabriel, Wolfgang Huckenbeck

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  • Teil 2: Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse vs. Grounded Theory

    Qualitative Social Research – Origins and Approaches for Research in Family Medicine

    Part 2: Qualitative Content Analysis vs. Grounded TheoryAbstract: After giving an introduction to the background, objectives and methodology of qualitative social...

    Anja Wollny, Gabriella Marx

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Commentary / Opinion