Issue 10/2022

In this issue you find the following Subjects:

  • Palliative Medical Care
  • Resuscitation in Nursing Home Residents?
  • Hufeland Lecture: Feelful Thinking, Interwoven Acting
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Table of contents (10/2022 - selection)

  • “Specially Qualified and Coordinated Outpatient Palliative Care“

    BackgroundSince the implementation of the specially qualified and coordinated palliative medical care (BQKPMV) in 2017, little is known about how BQKPMV was integrated into practice. This work analyses the impact of...

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  • Ex Ante Assessment of the Medical Indication for Resuscitation Attempts in Nursing Home Residents by Family Physicians

    SummaryDecision-making about cardiopulmonary resuscitation in nursing homes happens in an area of conflict between advance planning and ad hoc decision when cardiac arrest occurs. Responsibility is distributed among...

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  • Feelful Thinking, Interwoven Acting

    SummaryThe Hufeland lecture 2022 describes – following the tension between Enlightenment and Romanticism experienced by Hufeland – the relationship between theories and practice in family medicine. This practice can...

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