Issue 10/2016

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Continuing Education

  • Herpes Zoster as a Risk Factor for Malignancy

    Background: Herpes Zoster results from a reactivated varicella infection, which is associated with an impaired immune system that could favor the progression of...

    Jörg Schelling, Linda Sanftenberg

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  • Possibilities and Limits of Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery

    Summary: Bariatric surgery has substantially developed over the course of the last 10 years and has thus become the most effective way to ensure weight loss and to...

    Felix Langer, Gerhard Prager

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  • Post-Natal Care for Families – What a Family Practitioner Should Know

    Summary: The post-natal phase plays a central role in the formation of young families. The family practitioner (FP) – as a low threshold medical specialist for the...

    Jost Steinhäuser

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Original Papers

  • Over- and Undersupply: Measurable?

    Summary: There are efforts to counteract oversupply using recommendations. Existing or thereby resulting undersupply should be taken into consideration. Appropriate and...

    Cathleen Muche-Borowski, Martin Scherer

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  • Is a Lactose-Restricted Diet Reasonable for Patients with Abdominal Complaints not Organically Explained?

    Introduction: Chronic abdominal complains (CAC) are a frequent problem in family practice. Not uncommonly, undiagnosed lactose intolerance (LIT) is the reason and...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Michael Pentzek, Ruth Magiera, Cornelia-Christine Schürer-Maly

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  • Eine Analyse am Beispiel der VERAH in der HzV

    How are Concepts of Delegation in Family Practices Implemented?

    An Analysis Based on VERAHs in FP-Centered Care as ExampleBackground: Various qualification systems for health care assistants in family practices have been developed...

    Corina Guethlin, Ferdinand Michael Gerlach, Martin Beyer

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Book Reviews



  • CHD: Does a Low Fat Diet Make Sense?

    QuestionThe German National Guideline „Chronic Coronary Heart Disease“ recommends a low fat diet with a low content of saturated fatty acids in the prevention of...

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