Issue 10/2014

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Internationale Expertise zur Entwicklung der Palliativversorgung in der Primärversorgung
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Table of contents (10/2014 - selection)

Book Reviews



Commentary / Opinion


Continuing Education

DEGAM Benefits

  • Masai Barefoot Technology: Really Helpful?

    According to scientific evidence normal shoes seem to be the better alternative compared to „Masai Barefoot Technology“ shoes. ...

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  • 29.000 Times as Much as Gold: Alemtuzumab Against Multiple Sklerosis

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  • A 13 Year Old Girl with Fever, Sore Throat and Bull Neck

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  • An Unusual Finger Injury

    A case report about a patient´s skin discolouration due to millipede exposure. ...

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  • Abscess Opened: Postoperative Antibiotic Treatment?

    When given in addition to incision and drainage, systemic antibiotics do not significantly improve the percentage of patients with complete resolution of their...

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  • Pancreatic Carcinoma: „Revolutionary“ Extension of Survival Time

    Drug companies and sponsors of drug studies along with their medical partners frequently focus on statistically significant results which in daily life mean little to...

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Original Papers

  • Coagulation Management Among Migrants Attending Family Practice

    Background: Coagulation management is complicated and is a challenge for both patients and their family physicians (FPs), particularly when the person receiving care...

    Corina Guethlin, Andrea Siebenhofer-Kroitzsch, Juliana J. Petersen, Lisa Ulrich, Julia Hirschfeld

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  • Diagnostic Procedures in Primary Care Patients With Leg Edema – a Qualitative Study

    Background: The symptom uni- or bilateral leg oedema represents a broad range of possible underlying aetiologies. The background of leg oedema is multifactorial and...

    Erika Baum, Judith Diederich, Simone Hartel

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  • A Qualitative Analysis Regarding the Development of Future Physicians’ Studies-Related Motivation

    Introduction: This study analyses central factors of influence on the studies-related motivation of prospective physicians at the University of Lübeck and its...

    Jens-Martin Träder

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  • Questions Related to Breastfeeding – What Every Family Physician Should Know

    Summary: Questions related to breastfeeding may be a reason for consulting a family doctor and belong in family medicine’s spectrum of competence. Breastfeeding, a...

    Jost Steinhäuser, Christine Bruni

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  • Self-Help Friendliness as an Approach to Collaboration Between Self-Help Groups and Doctors

    Introduction: Building coalitions between doctors and patients for quality improvement of health services is an important goal of German health policy. Many...

    Alf Trojan

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Special Article

  • International Experts’ Report for the Development of Palliative Care in Primary Care

    Summary: In 2012, the European Association for Palliative Care established the “Taskforce in Primary Palliative Care“ to further develop primary care for people facing...

    Nils Schneider

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