Issue 10/2013

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Internationale Standards der Weiterbildung Allgemeinmedizin im Vergleich mit der Situation in Deutschland
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Table of contents (10/2013 - selection)

Continuing Education



  • Umbilical Cord Blood: a Guide for the Primary Care Physician

    Summary: Umbilical cord blood stem cells are an excellent alternative to bone marrow to treat leukemia in adults and children. They are collected after birth in a risk...

    Daniel Surbek

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  • Counseling for Colorectal Carcinoma Screening in Family Practice

    Summary: This paper aims to give an overview of current evidence based knowledge on screening options for colorectal carcinoma (CRC) to help family practitioners...

    Jean-François Chenot

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Letters to the Editor

Special Article

  • International Standards for Postgraduate Family Medicine Education Compared to Germany

    Summary: At its conference in June 2013, the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physi-cians...

    Wolfram J. Herrmann

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Case Report

  • A Patient With a Persistent Mildly Elevated ALT

    Summary: A young man presents with non specific neurological symptoms and a mildly elevated Alanine-Aminotransferase (ALT). Multiple Sclerosis is diagnosed and...

    Stephan Heberger

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  • Efficacy and Safety of HPV-Vaccination

    QuestionA few years ago vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus was approved in the European Union as the first „vaccination against cancer“. What is current best...

    Andreas Sönnichsen, Jochen Schuler

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Commentary / Opinion

  • Ein Kommentar zur Kasuistik „Ein Patient mit anhaltender leicht erhöhter GPT“

    Dealing With Elevated Serum Aminotransferase Activity in Primary Care

    A Commentary to the Casuistic “A Patient With a Persistent Mildly Elevated ALT” ...

    Andreas C. Sönnichsen

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