Issue 10/2012

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  • „Heparin bis ein flüssiges Gangbild erreicht ist“?
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DEGAM Benefits

  • Preoperative Stop of Aspirin: Dogma Begins to Totter

    A prominent paper in the publication flagship of US surgery maintains that most patients, especially those taking aspirin for secondary cardiovascular prevention,...

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  • Nitrofurantoin Top Drug for Uncomplicated UTI

    Short-time administration of nitrofurantoin remains the treatment of choice for elderly patients with uncomplicated urinary-tract infection and a creatinine clearance...

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  • Adverse Reaction ... from Your Pocket

    If you see an unexpected „weird“ arhythmia in ECG (especially in a healthy person) consider a source in the patient´s pocket (his or her iphone …). ...

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  • US: Bribery Gets Troublesome!

    The US prepares a law which commit drug industry and doctors to publish any kind of financial support, gifts or meals worth more than 10 US$. Non-compliance will be...

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  • GERD: PPI Dosage Split Better Than Doubling

    When usual doses of proton pump inhibitors are not successful in gastroesophageal reflux disease try a split-up in two parts instead of increasing the dosage. This...

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  • Perverse Approach

    Drug producer Novartis tries to gain access to doctors’ prescribing data by tapping surgery computers and offering „free analysis of ’potential for optimization’“. ...

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  • RKI: Only Minor Vaccine Fatigue at Elementary School Enrolment

    Vaccination rates in 2010 in Germany, collected by the Robert-Koch-Institute, shows that „vaccine fatigue“ is rather uncommon. Nevertheless, in vaccinations such as...

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  • What to Do With Blood Pressure Differences?

    A difference in systolic blood pressure of 10 mm Hg or more, or of 15 mm Hg or more, between arms might identify patients who need further vascular assessment. ...

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  • Aspirin Effective for Prevention of Thromboembolism Recurrence

    In this RCT aspirin reduced the risk of recurrence when given to patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism who had discontinued anticoagulant treatment. No...

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  • No Azithromycine for CVD Risk Patients

    An observational study shows a small absolute increase in cardiovascular deaths in patients on a 5 day azithromycin regimen (most pronounced among patients with a high...

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  • Fentanyl Transdermal Patch: Drug Commission Points Finger at Uncritical Use

    The Drug Commission of the German Medical Association warns about uncritical administration of fentanyl transdermal patch. ...

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Continuing Education

  • Leg Edema: Differential Diagnostics in Family Practice

    Summary: This paper deals with the diagnostic procedures as to the unspecific symptom “leg edema” in family practice. It describes the process of ruling out high risk...

    Susanne Rabady

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  • A Campaign for Family Medicine Teams’ Peer Visitations

    Summary: Since several years the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM) criticizes the current state of continuing medical education...

    Günther Egidi

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Letters to the Editor


Original Papers

  • Qualitative Ergebnisse einer Mixed-Methods-Studie zur Verordnung von Antibiotika bei Harnwegsinfekten

    Common Good Versus Good of the Individual “… I Never Thought About This”

    Qualitative Results of a Mixed-Methods Study on Antibiotic Prescribing for Urinary Tract InfectionsBackground: Individual therapeutic decisions are a contentious...

    Andreas Gutscher, Joachim Szecsenyi, Katja Götz, Stefanie Joos, Katja Hermann

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Special Article

  • Thromboembolieprophylaxe bei Verletzungen und Operationen an Hüfte und Bein sowie bei langen Reisen: Plädoyer für eine assistierte Entscheidung

    “Heparin until Walking without a Limp”?

    Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Case of Arthroplasty of the Hip or Knee, Injury of the Leg and Long Traveling: a Case for Shared Decision MakingSummary:...

    Horst Prautzsch

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