Issue 10/2009

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Oh Holy Toledo - Erfahrungen über das amerikanische Aus- und Weiterbildungssystem an der Allgemeinmedizinischen Abteilung der Universität von Toledo
  • Zwei Tage mit Jacolyne – Weiterbildung Allgemeinmedizin in den Niederlanden
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Table of contents (10/2009 - selection)

Special Article

  • Experiences about the Graduate and Undergraduate Medical Education in Family Medicine at the University of Toledo College of Medicine

    Abstract: For faculty development in family medicine and academic qualification of general practioners the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians...

    Stefan Claus

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  • Ein Erfahrungsbericht

    Two Days with Jacolyne – Postgraduate Training for General Practitioners in The Netherlands

    An Experience ReportAbstract: During an internship I could get an impression of the structured postgraduate training programme in our neighbour country, which is...

    Marcus Schmidt

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Letters to the Editor



  • Looking beyond one’s own nose…

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  • AgnES, EVA, VerAH and Co – Who Is Going to Support the General Practitioner and in which Way? Experts Discuss the Future of Practice Nurses (MFA) in Family Medicine

    Abstract: In May 2009 an expert conference for practice nurses took place at the University of Witten/Herdecke, organised by the task force of scientifically interested...

    Stefan Wilm, Vera Kalitzkus, Iris Schluckebier

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Original Papers

  • Preventive Health Examination in German General Practice – a Secondary Analysis of Data from 1996 to 2006

    Background: This retrospective observational study presents the utilisation of preventive health examinations by members of the Statutory Health Insurance, as all are...

    Eva Hummers-Pradier, Markus Kersting, Ulrike Junius-Walker, Johannes Hauswaldt

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  • The Publications of Germany’s Academic Family Medicine Departments in 2008

    Abstract: A bibliometric analysis within the Scopus-system is performed for Germany’s academic family medicine departments for the year 2008. The affiliation-identifier...

    Dieter Borgers

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  • Nutzung und Nutzen des Tests auf der Basis einer Befragung bayerischer Hausärzte

    Use of Troponin T Testing in Familiy Practice

    Use and Benefit of Troponin T Testing Based on a Census of Bavarian Family DoctorsBackground: Since 1994 troponin T testing can be used to identify myocardial damage...

    Antonius Schneider, Roland Schmidt, Wolfgang A. Blank

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Commentary / Opinion

  • A comment on the Article by Kalitzkus V. et al. (p. 403 – 405)

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Book Reviews