Issue 01/2016

In this issue you find the following subjects:

  • Go Viral – Ansteckende Begeisterung
  • Wie man Hoffnung sät in Sierra Leone
  • Tod auf Rezept? Medizinethische Überlegungen zur ärztlichen Suizidassistenz
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Table of contents (01/2016 - selection)

DEGAM Benefits

  • New Recommendations for Zolpidem: Minimizing the Risk of Impaired RoadWorthiness and Mental Alertness in the Morning After Taking the Drug

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  • Kussmaul’s Sign (Elevation of Jugular Venous Pressure During Inspiration) – Videotaped

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  • Travel-associated Infections in Returning Tourists – What Do You have to Face, Also in Family Practice

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  • Facial Transplantation – a Respectable Surgical Performance

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  • Diabetics With Impaired Kidney Function: Don´t Be Afraid of Metformin

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  • Steroids in Community-Aquired Pneumonia

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Original Papers



Special Article

  • Death on Prescription? Reflections on Physician Assisted Suicide from the Viewpoint of Medical Ethics

    Summary: Following the recent debate on physician assisted suicide in Germany we take a look at physicians’ end-of-life practices. The few existing data suggest that...

    Florian Bruns, Sandra Blumenthal, Gerrit Hohendorf

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  • Ein Bericht vom LOVAH-Austausch und -Kongress 2015

    Go Viral – Contagious Enthusiasm

    Summary: Profound educational programs for future and young family practitioners are an essential part in further professionalizing primary care. Learning from other...

    Konrad Schmidt, Solveig Carmienke, Hannah Haumann

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Letters to the Editor