Issue 01/2010

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DEGAM Benefits


Commentary / Opinion

  • Überlegung zur Vielfältigkeit und Wandlung bei den Auftraggebern von Hausärzten

    Who Are Our Contractors?

    Reflections on the Variety and Changes Concerning Our Contractors as Family DoctorsAbstract: Ten different contractors – beside the patient – are listed and the...

    Heinz Harald Abholz

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  • Early Recognition, Screening – Objectives and Concept, part I

    Summary: This paper reviews the main topics of screening and shows that screening is a different issue compared to diagnosing. Especially biostatistical and ethical...

    Heinz Harald Abholz, Christian Lerch

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Original Papers

  • Combination Therapy with Insulin and Oral Antidiabetic Drugs in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review

    Background: During the course of type 2 diabetes mellitus, treatment with insulin is often needed either as monotherapy or in combination with oral antidiabetic drugs...

    Christian Lerch, Bernd Richter

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  • Metabolic Control in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – Everything under or out of Control?

    Abstract: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses may particularly, if implemented adequately, overcome the limitations of studies with low numbers of cases and event...

    Christian Lerch, Bernd Richter

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  • Consensus Based Guidelines – Critical Questions Concerning a Concept

    Abstract: A widespread demand on clinical practice guidelines is that they should be consensus based as well as evidence based. In Germany, the Association of...

    Martin Beyer

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  • Redesigning the Guideline Development Concept (“Zehnstufenplan”) of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians

    Abstract: Since 1999 the German project for the development of guidelines for family medicine has been guided by a systematic plan from the German College of General...

    Ferdinand Michael Gerlach, Erika Baum, Jean-François Chenot, Anja Wollny, Martin Scherer, Martin Beyer

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