A Needs Assessment of Didactic Formats

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0344-0348

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Susanne Sommer, Konrad Hierasimowicz, Erika Baum, Sophie Köhler, Annette Becker, Stephan Fuchs

Keywords: Family medicine postgraduate program principles of teaching tutorials

BackgroundThe Centers of Excellence for Specialist Training in Family Medicine – intended for the promotion of newly qualified family physicians – have now been established on a national level in Germany. The centers offer, among other issues, train-the-trainer courses, mentoring and accompanying seminars as a longitudinal support for doctors in specialist training in family medicine to enhance attractiveness and efficiency of the vocational training.MethodsA monocentric cross-sectional survey was carried out at the Hesse Center of Excellence in March 2018. We developed seven items for the issue „didactic format“ and four for the issue „organization“ of the seminar program. The pilot test was carried out by five colleagues at the University of Marburg and the University of Frankfurt. Afterwards a few small corrections of the wording were made to specify the relevant questions. The survey was carried out online. A reminder was sent ten days later.Results174 doctors in specialist training in family medicine were invited to participate. 121 invited persons followed the hyperlink to the survey. Only complete data records were analyzed (N = 97, response rate of 56 %). The surveyed doctors in specialist training in family medicine preferred the following teaching methods: case discussion: 80 %, small group work: 73 %, skills lab: 65 %, simulated patients: 57 %. Video presentations of patient encounters were not desired by most participants. The preferred day of the week for the seminar was friday (87 %). Most participants (86 %) got paid leave from their employers at the time of the survey. The majority received no (55 %) or only partial cost subsidies (7 %).ConclusionsThe surveyed doctors in specialist training in family medicine preferred different teaching methods. New didactic formats could continuously increase the participant rate of the accompanying seminars and specialist training in family medicine in general.KeywordsFamily medicine; postgraduate program; tutorials; principles of teaching

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