Family Medicine Residency in the US

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0349-0355

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Katharina Schmalstieg-Bahr, Anne Simmenroth, Eva Hummers

Keywords: Germany USA family medicine residency

SummaryIn Germany, family medicine residency is strictly split into a hospital part and an ambulatory part in terms of content and – most of the time – organization. This field report pictures the US-American postgraduate training model, which is characterized by the parallelism of both parts as well as a good organizational structure. Family medicine departments are always either part of an accredited teaching hospital or university-affiliated and have their own wards in the hospitals, which are similar to a German general internal medicine ward. Furthermore, the system excels through extensive supervision and frequent evaluations of and by residents (doctors in training) and trainers. Residents carry less responsibility during the first years, but are entitled to training and feedback. Although moving to another place or a longer leave of absence is difficult, the US system facilitates residency completion within the expected timeframe. It has the advantage that the postgraduate training is financed and organized by a single entity. Currently the latter is offered by some German postgraduate training networks, although with regional differences and not available everywhere in Germany.Keywordsfamily medicine residency; USA; Germany

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