Vocational Training Exams’ Topics: Professionalisation and Quality

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0352-0357

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Keywords: Vocational Exam Family Medicine Professionalism Exams’ Quality Bibliometry

Background: Family medicine vocational exams’ topics were examined concerning professionality and exams’ quality.

Methods: The reference framework comprehends theory of professions and a 3-level model of family medicine. Two samples of topics were compared bibliometrically with themes of literature specific for professional levels.

Results: Exams’ topics accord in descending order with “mode of operation”, “science”, “field of work” levels’ themes. Focus of provision from “field of work” also accords with the topics.

Conclusions: State of professionalisation can be recognized by different grades of accordance of exams’ topics with those of professional levels. Exams’ quality is recognizable by the exams’ topics according with “mode of operation” and focuses of provision from “field of work” level.

(State: 05.10.2015)

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