PPI – Patient Problems Interactive

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2015.0362-0366

Ein Lernformat für den patientenorientierten Unterricht in der Kleingruppe

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Keywords: Family Medicine Problem-Based Learning Patient-Centered Learning Small Group Teaching

An Approach for Patient-Centered Teaching in Small Groups

Background: As a result of curricular changes in the training of medical students of the University of Freiburg a part of the introductory teaching units of the practical training courses was redesigned by the division of Family Medicine. Based on acute consultation cases relevant to primary care, these teaching units now follow a problem-based and patient-centered approach.

Methods: Four acute consultation cases with primary care relevance were chosen for the students following a new problem-based and patient-centered approach. Extensive teaching materials with a focus on vividness and with a realistic approach were developed. All lecturers received training for the newly developed units before they were introduced to the medical students in winter 2014/15. All units have been evaluated separately.

Results: Students now elaborate the cases interactively with their teachers from the medical history to the treatment of the particular patient problem (PPI – patient problems interactive).The summative and formative evaluations of the students´ and lecturers´ perceptions showed a high acceptance for the new concept.

Conclusions: The high acceptance proofed the relevance of the problem-based and patient-centered interactive approach and suggests an extension to further lesson units.

(State: 05.10.2015)

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