Phimosis with Atheroma

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Simon Kostner


A mother presented her 7-year-old son, who has a narrowed but still just retractable penis foreskin and a flat sebaceus cyst at the base of the glans penis, which has a diameter of 1 cm and a yellowish shimmer through the intact glans skin. Should this boy – and if so, at what age – be circumcised and this flat sebaceus cyst be removed?


There is still no medical reason for surgery on his foreskin for this boy. A narrowed foreskin without clearly visible scarring and a flat sebaceus cyst are only signs of a „physiological phimosis“, which can last up to adolescence. If the boy has no complications (recurrent balanitis or UTIs) or discomfort (pain during spontaneous erections in the night or micturition), one can wait for a spontaneous normalization till adolescence. If symptoms or complications occur, a one or two month treatment with cortisone cream can be tried before circumcision should be considered.

(State: 13.05.2015)

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