Family Practitioners’ View of Research in Practice Based Research Networks

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2014.0348-0353

Eine Fokusgruppenanalyse

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Eva Hummers-Pradier, Johannes Hauswaldt, Jutta Bleidorn, Susanne Heim, Heidrun Lingner

Keywords: Practice Based Research Network Research Practice Primary Care Research

A Focus Group Analysis

Introduction: Practice Based Research Networks (PBRN) have proved internationally to be successful in primary care research. To improve research in German family medicine, the Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine of Hannover Medical School started to build a Practice Based Research Network with different points of emphasis. Focus group interviews were performed to explore family practitioners‘ (FP) attitudes towards a research network and willingness to future cooperation.

Methods: Family practitioners were interviewed in two focus groups and stimulated for mutual open-end discussion. Researchers’ conception for a Practice Based Research Network with different priorities were presented including ideas about three subnets focusing on projects, clinical trials, and routine data extraction. Evaluation of audio- and video recording was done using mapping techniques.

Results: Participating FPs showed great interest in close collaboration for family medicine research. Their reasons for taking part in research projects were the chance to contribute to relevant evidence, curiosity, and to benefit from feed-back on one’s own practice. The FPs called for good communication, clear instructions and early inclusion into planning and realisation of research projects to improve research feasibility.

Conclusions: Family practitioners are highly interested in sustainable practice based research networking with academic institutions for family medicine. Practice Based Research Networks may be suited to simplify and optimise primary care research.

(State: 13.05.2015)

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