Subclinical Atrial Fibrillation: How Large is the Risk of New Onset Atrial Fibrillation?

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586 460 adult family practice patients without previously recorded thyroid disease or atrial fibrillation had their thyroid function evaluated for the first time by their family practitioner. 562 461 (96.0 %) were euthyroid, 1670 (0.3 %) had overt hypothyroidism, 12 087 (2.0 %) had subclinical hypothyroidism, 3966 (0.7 %) had overt hyperthyroidism, and 6276 (1.0 %) had subclinical hyperthyroidism. Compared with the euthyroid individuals, the risk of atrial fibrillation was closely associated with thyroid activity, with a low risk in overt hypothyroidism, high risk in hyperthyroidism, and a TSH level dependent association with risk of atrial fibrillation across the spectrum of subclinical thyroid disease.

(State: 11.09.2013)

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