Newly Established Austrian Cochrane Branch (ACB)

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Simon Ledinek, Kylie Thaler

Keywords: Cochrane Cochrane Collaboration Austria Austrian Cochrane Branch ACB

Summary: At present between 400.000 – and 1.000.000 clinical trials for medical treatments are available in published form and every year tens of thousands of new studies are added. Unfortunately, the results of the new trials often conflict those in previously published trials. How can clinicians possibly deal with this enormous amount of information and how should they process the sometimes conflicting results of published clinical trials? The Cochrane Collaboration is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing independent medical information and scientific evidence from previously published clinical trials. The aim is to facilitate all stakeholders in health care (e.g. doctors, healthcare professionals, patients) in their daily decision-making. The Cochrane Collaboration was established in 1993. In accordance with the motto „working together to provide the best evidence for health care“, the Cochrane Collaboration has grown into a worldwide network with more than 25.000 physicians and scientists. In December 2010 the latest national entity of the Cochrane Collaboration was opened in Austria. The Austrian Cochrane Branch is located at the Danube University Krems in the state of Lower Austria.

(State: 14.09.2011)

Latest Issue 2/2020

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