Physician Relationship Management by Hospitals: a Win-Win-Model?

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2009.0364

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Sascha Saßen, Andreas Bienert, Michael L. Bienert

Keywords: physician relationship management market analysis for hospitals cooperation strategy strategic marketing for hospitals

Abstract: The major success factor of good relationships with physicians is nowadays well recognized by hospital management. Therefore every hospital should do a critical analysis of the current situation in physicians relationship management and develop an individual marketing concept including concrete measures and effectiveness control.

This article gives an overview of how a systematical approach to physicians relationship management could be realized. By using a case study it is shown in detail how an IT-based analysis of the current relationship structure and an internet platform as solution for an effective communication with cooperating physicians can look like.

This strategic marketing tool shows to be very successful as long as it is not cannibalized by competing strategies such as the foundation of so called ‘health care delivery centers’ in which employed physicians of the hospital work in direct competition with individual physician practices.

(State: 31.05.2011)

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