„The Patient, His Smartphone and I“

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Sabine Schlüssel, Jochen Gensichen, Karoline Lukaschek

Keywords: communication models digitalization & e-health university teaching video-based teaching

BackgroundDigitalization and e-health in family medicine are becoming increasingly important. A new seminar on electronic doctor-patient-communication was developed and continuously optimized. The article examines whether and how the use of training videos increases the acceptance of the seminar among students.MethodsBased on literature research and according to the „Berlin Model“ for didactic implementation (1. Intentions, 2. Content, 3. Methods, 4. Media) a seminar for about 20 medical students in the 9th semester was developed. The main learning objectives included: 1) evaluation of health apps based on criteria and quality standards, 2) handling of „patient knowledge from the internet“ and 3) handling of doctor ratings in online doctor portals. In addition, two different communication techniques, concerning emotions and conflict situations, were taught and applied. Within the framework of a cross-sectional study at two points in time, 350 medical students of the obligatory introductory seminar day (winter semester 2017/18 (164 students, 39 % male) and summer semester 2019 (186 students, 40 % male) were interviewed. The acceptance was measured by means of four questions (Likert scale and overall assessment by German school grading scale 1 – 6) of the university‘s own questionnaire. By means of descriptive statistics, the group comparison (film vs. role-play) was examined.ResultsThe use of an educational film in the practical exercise of a general medical seminar on e-health communication has a better acceptance among medical students compared to the role-play (seminar evaluation, school grade 2.5 for role-play, 2.0 for educational film).ConclusionsThe topic of electronic doctor-patient communication can be integrated into the lessons for medical students. A learning unit on this topic is rated positively by students. The introduction of an educational film shows better ratings of student acceptance. Further target group-specific learning formats are necessary to convey the topic optimally in medical studies.Keywordsuniversity teaching; digitalization & e-health; communication models; video-based teaching

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