Checklist Clerkship Family Medicine

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2019.0307-0313

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Gisela Ravens-Taeuber, Armin Wunder, Corina Güthlin, Insa Koné

Keywords: checklist family medicine internship learning objectives

Background: The main aim of the family medicine clerkship (FMC) is to help students acquire practical skills. Before the FMC, students and teachers define specific competencies as learning objectives, based on the self-assessment of students and the individual conditions in the teaching practices, which is expected to help to improve learning progress. The aim of the current study was to find out whether this systematic definition of competencies leads to greater subjective learning progress (in comparison to areas in which no competencies had been defined as learning objectives).Methods: The systematic definition is achieved by means of a checklist in which 25 competencies can be ticked in order to serve as learning objectives. After the FMC, the students rate their subjective learning progress for each of the 25 competencies. The frequency of the competencies that were selected as learning objectives in the 2014 checklist is described descriptively. Using the chi-square test and Fisher’s exact test, we investigate whether the percentage of students that achieve subjective learning progress is dependent on whether or not the competency was selected as a learning objective. Results: 375 students participated in the FMC, of whom 322 filled out the checklist (response rate 85.9 %). 54 were not completed in full and were excluded from the analysis. For 23 of 25 competencies (92 %), selecting this competency as a learning objective resulted in a significantly higher proportion of students achieving subjective learning progress. Conclusions: The systematic selection of competencies as learning objectives increases subjective learning progress. The checklist helps teachers provide feedback and enables them to address the individual needs of students.

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