Experience from a University Based, Structured Qualification Program for Family Practitioners

DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2018.0313-0319

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Florian Wolf, Michael H. Freitag, Konrad Schmidt, Sven Schulz, Horst Christian Vollmar, Jochen Gensichen

Keywords: clinician scientist evaluation family practice qualification vocational training

Background: The structured qualification program for family practitioners at Jena University Hospital started in 2009 to promote future leaders in family medicine. In addition to clinical vocational training at the University Hospital and cooperating practices the young physicians are trained in management, economics, media handling, academic teaching and scientific work.Methods: The program was evaluated at two stages in 2014 and 2017 in order to obtain conceptual and practical evidence for optimizing the existing qualification program and establishing similar programs at other institutions. All 21 previous residents were asked to evaluate the program regarding its practicability and their job satisfaction. In addition, participants’ basic data were analyzed.Results: 16 questionnaires were analyzed. In general, participants were satisfied with the program design, including selection and coordination of rotational stages and the simplified access to research and teaching. Through publications, lectures, presentations and academic courses the participants successfully demonstrated their acquired competences. The respondents suggest potential improvement particularly in structural adjustments of the weekly day within the Institute of Family Medicine and the project-based rotation as well as in contractual issues and the guidance from the supervisors within the clinical rotations.Conclusions: The program’s objectives in providing skills not only in clinical expertise but also in science, teaching and management are achieved but could be further improved. In the future mentoring within research projects as well as the trainers’ feedback should be optimized. Furthermore, the qualification program will be extended by collaboration agreements with practicing family physicians and a direct involvement with the Competence Center for Vocational Training in Thuringia.

(State: 16.07.2018)

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